Be Thankful

Recently, I was visiting with two other ladies. Actually, they were visiting and I was merely listening off to the side. Some may call this eavesdropping, but these girls were doing it just to get on my nerves. Not one positive word came out of either of their mouths. All they did was complain! It got me thinking: are our lives ever truly so bad that we have nothing to be thankful for? I can think of an ample list of things I am eternally thankful for, especially as we near closer and closer to the Coming of Christ at Christmas.

Each of us is blessed with so many talents. Why not be thankful of these talents and gifts that we have been granted with? Now, these women were also saying things “quietly” that had a negative connotation on choices I have recently made in my life regarding my future. I wanted to ask them, “Who are you to judge me or my choices?” We must remember that God is the only one who can truly judge us, and it is our job to pray for these kinds of people.

I easily could have bit back at them spitefully, yet I chose to hold my tongue because it is better that I do not add fuel to the fire. So, my lesson for the day is: Be Thankful. Be thankful for the things you have in your life and do not try to take away from what others are thankful for in their lives.

I for one know I don’t want to be a Scrooge this Christmas, do you?



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