Donate Blood

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to donate blood to the American Red Cross. This is such a worthy cause. Every donation saves three lives. I, as a mere one person, saved three lives today just by donating a pint of blood. How amazing is that?

I know some people may be nervous to give blood because of “horror stories” that others have told. I personally have had a melodramatic experience the first time I gave blood.

First, the guy couldn’t find my vein, so someone had to help. Then, my blood flow slowed down so they had to move the needle in my arm. After all of this, I got very dizzy and light-headed. They had to put cold wash cloths on my forehead and neck and even brought over a fan. I felt so embarrassed, but then I remembered,

I saved three lives today.

After that first experience, I still continue to give blood because as little as it may seem, it can be the difference between a person living and a person dying.

Having the opportunity to save lives is such a humbling and wonderful experience. It is truly worth it. If you are scared to give blood, take a chance, and face your fears, because otherwise you will one day regret it.

Donate Blood!


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