New Year, New Beginnings

Wow! Another year has come and gone with the blink of an eye!

At this time of year, countless resolutions are made for the turn of a new year. How many of these are actually upheld is probably slim unfortunately.

Life continues to hand us curve balls throughout the year, but it is through these difficult times that we grow stronger and find out who we truly are.

This new year, I have some goals for myself. Now, I know what you all are thinking — another New Years resolution that will fall through. But this is one I am determined to see through.

In 2016, I resolve to love myself more. 

This statement is in need of some explanation.

I have been going through a rough past couple of years. I have not taken the time to focus on myself and make myself happy.

If I can’t be happy for myself and by myself, how will I make those around me happy?

I want to be someone that others enjoy being around and that starts with me loving myself.

This is the overall goal. However, it is through making large goals that seem unattainable that one fails to reach a goal.

I have decided to make mini goals as well to help me achieve my overall goal.

For example, I want to exercise some each day. Now I am not saying I have to run two miles each day, but exercise is very good at relieving stress and releasing toxins from the body, both beneficial to me loving myself.

Next, I want to continually be reading a book. And I want these books to have meaning behind them. Not romance novels and books of the like. I want to read books with deeper meaning that get me thinking more critically and analyzing situations better.

I also want to get enough sleep each night. Getting an inadequate amount of sleep definitely adds to my stress and bad attitude, so attaining eight or more hours of sleep a night is essential.

I can’t forget journaling each day. This helps me to release my thoughts without taking out any pent-up anger on others. Journaling will definitely be a part of my 2016.

Along with journaling, I plan to “plan.” I will use my Erin Condren Life Planner each day and write down everything so I have it in writing and don’t have to worry about forgetting anything important.

Finally, I want to read at least a chapter of the Bible and pray possibly a decade of the Rosary or say a decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. God is a big part of my life, and I need to make more of an effort in making him an even bigger part in my life and truly studying the Bible and praying more often.

These smaller goals will definitely help me to achieve my main goal.

Always remember:

Love yourself 



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