The Joys of Cleaning

Cleaning anything always seems like a hassle. Yet, the feeling of relief after the task is completed is extremely refreshing!

I live a very busy life. My months are usually planned for me about three in advance, so having time to clean and really “deep clean” is slim to none.

However, I love having a clean bedroom. Unfortunately, time slips away and before I know it, those nights of not emptying my hamper or putting my clothes away turn into a mess beyond my control.

When my bedroom is anything less than pristine, I get major anxiety. I stress uncontrollably and it adds to my depression. I begin to lash out for no reason, and it really begins to take a toll on me.

That is why I have some tips on what I do when I “deep clean” my bedroom. After all, everyone needs that space they can go to escape the world for a little while. Mine just so happens to be my blanket covered, cozy bed.

First and foremost, when cleaning your bedroom, always wash your bedding, or if it was just recently washed, make the bed. Having the bed made already makes the room look more put together.

One tip to add to the bedding is to wash it at least every other month if not every month. Also, make the bedding each morning after waking up. I definitely need to do this more because I am a very heavy sleeper and my bed usually is a mess in the morning. By making it, I will have cozy covers each night!

Next, bring any dirty clothes to the washer and wash them immediately. Getting that clutter out of the room really opens up space also!

While the clothes are in the wash, continue cleaning your room.

If any clean clothes are sitting out, put them away. If need be, organize your clothes drawers and closet. You have less clothes at the time as some are in the wash, so it is easier to organize!

Then, focus on one section or one item of the room at a time. I like to work from one side of my room to the next.

Cleaning my bedside table is essential. Any extra clutter must either be thrown away or put where it belongs.

Then I work on my vanity and makeup drawers. By organizing my makeup, I can get ready quicker in the morning also, reducing stress. Organizing my vanity also includes gathering up my hair ties and bobby pins.

After that, I move onto my desk. I put the laptop back on it and organize any papers, throwing away what is no longer needed.

Moving on, I clean up my storage drawers. At this point, I always have to remind myself: DO NOT BE A HOARDER! Removing excess items is essential. It’s like taking out the garbage (literally, I fill up huge black garbage bags). I wouldn’t keep old food, so why should I keep extra items that I probably don’t even realize I still have?

This leads me to vacuuming my bedroom floor. This is a very important step as it gathers up all the hair I shed. I swear I shed more hair than a cat! How am I not bald?

Anywho, dusting is also very important. I have a pet dog, I do not need pet dust bunnies as well! Dusting also helps to clean up the air which can lead to a better nights sleep!

Last but not least, fold or hang up the newly cleaned clothes and put them away — immediately.

Then, plop down on your bed and survey your handiwork.




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