Your Life Matters

Recently, my mother informed me of a young man around my age committing suicide.

Hearing these stories, although I do not personally know the people makes my heart ache-ache for the loved soul that touched so many lives even if they may not have realized it, ache for the family who couldn’t stop this tragedy from happening.

All life is precious. From the moment of conception until natural death, life matters.

Your life matters. 

Whether you are a single parent of two kids, a corporate business owner, widow, priest, college student, in a nursing home, in the womb— your life matters.

There are people who love you, even if you do not love yourself.

I can attest to this.

Struggling with depression has really opened my eyes to the love of those around me.

It is our job to love our enemies, to love our neighbor.

We are all made in the image and likeness of Christ.

We all serve a purpose on this Earth.

We must help those struggling to find this purpose and to find there self worth because:

Every Life MATTERS. 


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