The March for Life and Snow Storm Jonas

As a senior in high school, I decided not to go out for basketball. Living in a small town, this was big news. However, this decision allowed me to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C.

The March for Life is a once-a-year event where hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers unite to march for an end to abortion – to march for the countless babies that have lost their lives and have not been given the chance to live.

Coming from Nebraska, the Archdiocese of Omaha brought seven charter buses out to the East Coast.

The trip on the bus is approximately seventeen hours long, and it requires sleeping on a bus with fifty-three other people.

However, the bus ride truly flew (at least on the way there.)

While on the way, we stopped in Pittsburgh for Mass in a beautiful cathedral.

Then, it was back on the bus to continue the trip to D.C.

Finally, getting to D.C. around midnight, I went to bed to prepare for the upcoming days.

We started the next day by going to Union Station. I was able to get souvenirs for my parents and my two siblings as well as a few trinkets for myself.

Next on the list was the Holocaust Museum. This is definitely an experience I will never forget. The fact that all of that torture and violence happened is sickening and so disappointing. Never. Forget. We must not let history repeat itself.

Smithsonians were next in line. I went to the Natural History Museum and unfortunately, the room the Hope Diamond is stored in was under construction, so I did not have a chance to see it, but I did see a 7,727 caret topaz gem.

Then, a bomb was dropped (NOT LITERALLY)!

Our bus captain informed us that we would be leaving D.C. a day early directly after the March for Life because of Snow Storm Jonas approaching.

I was very mad at first because I paid for so much more than I actually got to do and see.

Then, one of my peers said something that completely changed my thinking. She said,

Remember, this trip is for the babies.

Once she said this, I realized how ungrateful I was acting. Here I am complaining that I cannot spend more time in D.C. when these precious children have no chance at life.

This just shows how an outlook on a situation can completely change the situation.

We attended a Life is Very Good Rally and were off to bed.

Friday Morning. It’s March for Life Day.

We began the day by having Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. One word – WOW. The Basilica is absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful I had the chance to see it in person.

Finally, it was time for the March for Life.

Let me just say, there is nothing more amazing than having so many people fighting for one cause. The March for Life, like the actual March was my absolute favorite part of the whole trip. It didn’t matter that the snow started falling right as we began walking or that the windchill was almost sub-zero. None of that mattered as we took a stand for life and an end to abortion.

Unfortunately, the March ended too quickly and it was time to head for home.

The snow was accumulating fast, and it took us over five hours to get to the Pennsylvania Turnpike mile 132.2. This should have taken less than three hours.

Then the nightmare started. An accident happened about ten miles in front of us and semis were jack-knifed also, so we were instructed to stay put. Little did we know that we would be sitting in the same spot, also overnight, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for almost TWENTY hours.

The National Guard even brought us MREs to eat.

Over thirty inches of snow accumulated before we backtracked to Beford, Pennsylvania and stayed overnight in a motel.

Sunday morning.

Should’ve been to Nebraska by this time. Yet, we are still in Pennsylvania.

However, we made the best of the situation and attended Mass and headed for home.

We did not have anymore troubles, however, we did have to sleep another night on the bus.

All of the chaos was so worth it.

Everything happens for a reason – God had a reason for stranding us on a bus on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for twenty hours.

Mass Media covered the March for Life for the first time.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat. No doubt about it.

Proud to say I was a member of the 2016 March for Life and survived Snow Storm Jonas.



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