Tis’ the Season for Scholarships

As a senior in high school, it seems as if the scholarships just continue to roll in.

At one time, I went home with a half-inch thick stack of scholarships to work on.

Now, scholarships may seem tedious and highly repetitive, but I have heard countless times…

“They are so worth it!”

“Fill them out!”

“Take your time and do them well because they could really save you money down the road.”

So of course, I am filling out countless scholarships.

I want to be an oncologist.

If you do not know, an oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer.

This will take years and years of schooling…around twelve years in total, so scholarships now will help save me from having as much lone debt in the future.

As I like to say,

Tis’ the Season for Scholarships!


2 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season for Scholarships

  1. New to blogging and randomely selected a few people to read over/possibly follow, so going to just leave this here; Good luck with the scholarships and schooling! Your job criteria is truly something to work for.


  2. I’m also a high school senior and thought you summed it up quite nicely! Well written, and I enjoy the format of your blog! Also, great Faulkner quote. One can only hope to achieve great writing through studying the greats. Keep it up!


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