One. More. Month.

It seems crazy just how fast time flies. A few months ago, we were celebrating he turn of the year. Before that, I was playing volleyball. And even before that, I was in diapers.

It seems just like yesterday I started my first day of pre-school. I remember being nervous but excited.

I was always the weirdo who actually enjoyed school.

Now, I am a month from my last day of high school classes. Pretty soon, I will be off on my own, and sure that can be exciting, but it is definitely  scary

I am a very family-oriented person, so leaving my parents and my younger brother will be tough, but that’s life.

Life continues to move even if you aren’t ready for change.

It’s making the most of each day that counts.

All I can say is one more month is definitely going to go fast, so I need to make the most of it.


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