I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately regarding a non-narcissistic way. You know when you lie in bed at night and a million thoughts come rushing into your mind? Well, lately, I have had too many thoughts about myself and my self-confidence and my body and all that fun jazz that we try to oppress from our minds because we don’t like to think about them.

Well, anyway, it has gotten me thinking about what I want for myself and who I want to become.

As I have written in previous blog posts, I have suffered from depression. This has caused me to gain weight and become even more unhappy.

Yet, even if I am unhappy about this weight gain, what am I doing to lose it?

See that’s the problem. I may “want” to lose weight. I may “want” to be more healthy. But until I actually start doing something about it, I will continue to be unhappy with my body.

It’s not enough to tell myself, “I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning at 6:15 and go for a walk around the section.” I need to actually get up and walk around the section.

My alarm goes off each morning, and as always, I snooze it and don’t go for a walk.

Instead of starting my day off with the sunrise and enjoying the beauty of the world, I sleep and avoid doing what I know I should be doing?

Some motivation.

As much as I may say I want to lose weight or do this or do that, unless I find the motivation and the strength to do something about it, I will remain the same.

I definitely know I do not want that, so by writing this blog post, I hope for it to be a reminder to me that I want to change.

I want to change for the better.

I can do this by making the effort, and I fully intend to make that effort.

After all, my favorite thing to do is prove people wrong!



It’s Life

It has been one week since I graduated high school, and it still has yet to set in.

As I told everyone at work who asked, it probably won’t set in until I am alone in my apartment over 100 miles from my parents and younger brother.

It seems like just yesterday I was walking into the halls of my high school, and now, I am officially a high school graduate.

Now time to move onto bigger and better things.

It’s time for countless hours of studying and harder classes and living on my own.

It’s time to be a big girl.

It’s time to really be an adult.

It’s time to support myself.

I don’t know how this time has come so fast, but I know that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” as stated in Philippians 4:13.

Life moves so quickly, so we need to leave each day to the fullest and be the best versions of ourselves.

We need to focus more on who WE want to be and not who OTHERS want us to be.

We need to chase after our dreams.

We need to work for what we want.

Don’t let life pass you by without taking the time to cherish the memories made along the way.