A Good Bargain

Recently, in my small town, a second-hand store was opened up for people to bring used items in need of a new home. All proceeds made at the store, The Bargain Box, go to different charities and organizations! So it’s a win win — people can get rid of old items and money gets donated to charity.

Anyway, now that I have given you a bit of a background, I recently stopped into the Bargain Box to look for some household items for my apartment as I move in in about two weeks.

I was simply amazed by the amount of items the Bargain Box had for me to purchase. And yes, the items had been used before, but they were absolutely perfect for a college apartment.

Knowing that I was saving money by doing this also made the reward that much greater.

Items I purchased include the following: colander, cookie sheet, 9×13 pan, crock pot, drinking glasses, cutting board, coasters, hangers, muffin pan, hand-held mixer, toothbrush holder, toaster, dish drying rack, measuring cups, and a can opener.

I purchased all of these items for $32.

And they look almost as good as new!

I was very proud of myself for being so thrifty as I will be off on my own in college and need to prepare for that!

Just because a store is a second-hand store doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing items inside. It never hurts to stop in and look.

You never know what you’re going to find!


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