One. More. Month.

It seems crazy just how fast time flies. A few months ago, we were celebrating he turn of the year. Before that, I was playing volleyball. And even before that, I was in diapers.

It seems just like yesterday I started my first day of pre-school. I remember being nervous but excited.

I was always the weirdo who actually enjoyed school.

Now, I am a month from my last day of high school classes. Pretty soon, I will be off on my own, and sure that can be exciting, but it is definitely  scary

I am a very family-oriented person, so leaving my parents and my younger brother will be tough, but that’s life.

Life continues to move even if you aren’t ready for change.

It’s making the most of each day that counts.

All I can say is one more month is definitely going to go fast, so I need to make the most of it.


Life Keeps On Coming

If I have learned anything throughout my senior year of high school, it is that life keeps on coming.

Senior year has definitely been my most stressful and hectic year of high school.

Yet, I am fifty-eight days from my graduation ceremony, and everything is really starting to hit me.

I will no longer be in high school.

I will no longer be living with my parents.

I will be one hundred fifty miles from home.

I may never see some of my classmates again (all sixteen of them).

I have to be a big kid.

I have to provide for myself.

When I think these thoughts, all I want to do is go back to being a five-year-old without a care in the world.

Life was so easy back then. We didn’t have to worry about boys and school and scholarships and drama and all of it.

What I would give to make mud pies and dance and sing in the cattle yard with my sister and cousin one more time.

What I would give to go back to my babysitters and play with my childhood best friends.

What I would give to go back to when my brother was born.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy to be attending the college of my dreams next year and to work towards becoming a practicing oncologist.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have fears and uncertainties.

There is one thing that I am certain about, however.

Life keeps on coming.


Lazy Sunday

Sunday in my family is a day for Church, family dinner, and NAPS.

Sunday is usually the only day where my whole family can get together and spend time with each other.

It is also really the only day where we can rest, be lazy, and take a break from the real world.

So, today, I took a five hour nap.

I definitely was not planning on sleeping that long, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Maybe I should take five hour naps more often.

Then again, maybe I should just go to bed at night.

I truly do enjoy a lazy Sunday!

The Season of Lent

I can hardly believe that today already marks the Second Sunday of Lent. It seems like just yesterday it was Fat Tuesday and I was splurging on as much social media as possible.

Yes, I did give up social media for Lent. And here is my review so far:

Not having to worry about tweeting something funny or posting a picture to Instagram to get as many likes as possible has been really nice.

I had forgotten what it is like to really live in the real world and not have to worry about my image on social media.

Social media is the cause of so much drama, and it really degrades your self worth. I don’t care who you are, you can’t tell me that it doesn’t bother you when you don’t get as many likes as your friend or that you don’t have as many followers.

We begin to think that we are only as good as the number of likes we can get or the number of followers we can obtain.

This is so far from the truth, and not worrying about these things has simply opened my mind to more happiness and brought me back to reality.

This social media cleanse is making me realize that I am more than just a number. I am more than just a username. I am a real person. I have real feelings. I have my own life, and I don’t need to constantly be publishing it all over social media.

I finally feel as if I have started to live again.

Having battled depression for around two and a half years now, it is so nice not having to worry about whether or not I am the most popular on social media. I can focus on myself and my life and it has been the most amazing experience.

So, here is my advice to everyone:

Cleanse yourself from social media every once in awhile.

I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Tis’ the Season for Scholarships

As a senior in high school, it seems as if the scholarships just continue to roll in.

At one time, I went home with a half-inch thick stack of scholarships to work on.

Now, scholarships may seem tedious and highly repetitive, but I have heard countless times…

“They are so worth it!”

“Fill them out!”

“Take your time and do them well because they could really save you money down the road.”

So of course, I am filling out countless scholarships.

I want to be an oncologist.

If you do not know, an oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer.

This will take years and years of schooling…around twelve years in total, so scholarships now will help save me from having as much lone debt in the future.

As I like to say,

Tis’ the Season for Scholarships!

The March for Life and Snow Storm Jonas

As a senior in high school, I decided not to go out for basketball. Living in a small town, this was big news. However, this decision allowed me to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C.

The March for Life is a once-a-year event where hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers unite to march for an end to abortion – to march for the countless babies that have lost their lives and have not been given the chance to live.

Coming from Nebraska, the Archdiocese of Omaha brought seven charter buses out to the East Coast.

The trip on the bus is approximately seventeen hours long, and it requires sleeping on a bus with fifty-three other people.

However, the bus ride truly flew (at least on the way there.)

While on the way, we stopped in Pittsburgh for Mass in a beautiful cathedral.

Then, it was back on the bus to continue the trip to D.C.

Finally, getting to D.C. around midnight, I went to bed to prepare for the upcoming days.

We started the next day by going to Union Station. I was able to get souvenirs for my parents and my two siblings as well as a few trinkets for myself.

Next on the list was the Holocaust Museum. This is definitely an experience I will never forget. The fact that all of that torture and violence happened is sickening and so disappointing. Never. Forget. We must not let history repeat itself.

Smithsonians were next in line. I went to the Natural History Museum and unfortunately, the room the Hope Diamond is stored in was under construction, so I did not have a chance to see it, but I did see a 7,727 caret topaz gem.

Then, a bomb was dropped (NOT LITERALLY)!

Our bus captain informed us that we would be leaving D.C. a day early directly after the March for Life because of Snow Storm Jonas approaching.

I was very mad at first because I paid for so much more than I actually got to do and see.

Then, one of my peers said something that completely changed my thinking. She said,

Remember, this trip is for the babies.

Once she said this, I realized how ungrateful I was acting. Here I am complaining that I cannot spend more time in D.C. when these precious children have no chance at life.

This just shows how an outlook on a situation can completely change the situation.

We attended a Life is Very Good Rally and were off to bed.

Friday Morning. It’s March for Life Day.

We began the day by having Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. One word – WOW. The Basilica is absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful I had the chance to see it in person.

Finally, it was time for the March for Life.

Let me just say, there is nothing more amazing than having so many people fighting for one cause. The March for Life, like the actual March was my absolute favorite part of the whole trip. It didn’t matter that the snow started falling right as we began walking or that the windchill was almost sub-zero. None of that mattered as we took a stand for life and an end to abortion.

Unfortunately, the March ended too quickly and it was time to head for home.

The snow was accumulating fast, and it took us over five hours to get to the Pennsylvania Turnpike mile 132.2. This should have taken less than three hours.

Then the nightmare started. An accident happened about ten miles in front of us and semis were jack-knifed also, so we were instructed to stay put. Little did we know that we would be sitting in the same spot, also overnight, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for almost TWENTY hours.

The National Guard even brought us MREs to eat.

Over thirty inches of snow accumulated before we backtracked to Beford, Pennsylvania and stayed overnight in a motel.

Sunday morning.

Should’ve been to Nebraska by this time. Yet, we are still in Pennsylvania.

However, we made the best of the situation and attended Mass and headed for home.

We did not have anymore troubles, however, we did have to sleep another night on the bus.

All of the chaos was so worth it.

Everything happens for a reason – God had a reason for stranding us on a bus on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for twenty hours.

Mass Media covered the March for Life for the first time.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat. No doubt about it.

Proud to say I was a member of the 2016 March for Life and survived Snow Storm Jonas.


Cavity Crisis

Who else dreads going to the dentist?

How about hearing the dreadful words: you have a cavity?

Although we may despise going to the dentist, it is essential to make sure our teeth are healthy and looking as good as possible!

Now, if you really hate cavities, then you must make sure to brush  your teeth every morning and night at least and to floss as well.

I really should take my own advice more!

Alsp, if you have retainers, don’t be lazy — put them in each night or wear them as instructed by your dentist.

Take good care of your teeth, after all, they are the only set you will ever get!