Negativity vs. Positivity

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

This is a quote from my old Erin Condren Life Planner, and it fits really well with how I have been thinking lately.

I applied for the student ambassador program at the college I will be attending in the fall, and I am supposed to receive a call to schedule an interview. My roommate already received and scheduled this interview and I have not heard anything from the college.

I was talking with my best friend about this and she made me realize that I was acting very selfish and not at all like myself.

Yes, of course, I wish it was me who had the interview already or at all, but I still need to be happy for my roommate and wish her good luck because it is also very important to her!

Changing my mindset has already changed my daily life so much. Instead of focusing on the negatives, I think of all of the positives of the day.

Whenever I feel the urge to complain I do my best to ask myself if that negativity is good for my body.

Thanks to my best friend, I am feeling better about myself and better in general.

Suffering from depression, it can be very difficult to think about the positives, but by making a conscious effort to avoid negativity, I am kicking my depression right out of my life!

A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life.




A Chapter Ending

Bye Bye Birdie.

Once Upon a Mattress.

Anything Goes.

Back to the 80s.

These thirteen words sum up a big part of the last four years of my life. They are the names of the four musicals I have been a part of throughout high school.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I will perform on the stage in that gymnasium for the last time.

I have spent most of my high school in the gym. Honestly.

I participated in volleyball all four years and basketball for three years one-act play production for four years and musical for four years.

Obviously for volleyball and basketball, I spent the most time in the gym. I had practice for two and one-half hours each day after school. During the summer, I spent time lifting weights and in open gyms or summer leagues.

One-Act practices were also held in the gym. Early morning practices each day before school highlight this season.

Finally, musical practices, the longest of them all, are held in the gym as we prepare to showcase our talents for the crowd and to put on the best musical possible.

It seems like just yesterday I was wearing a pink jacket that said Conrad Birdie on it with a big heart.

Or that I was just painting my face white and putting on my jester costume and dancing around the stage by myself.

Time truly does fly by.

I also have thirteen days left in high school.

A chapter of my life is truly ending, so all I can say is:

We love you Conrad.

It wasn’t the pea.

They say bears have love affairs.

Cut footloose.

Thanks for the memories.


One. More. Month.

It seems crazy just how fast time flies. A few months ago, we were celebrating he turn of the year. Before that, I was playing volleyball. And even before that, I was in diapers.

It seems just like yesterday I started my first day of pre-school. I remember being nervous but excited.

I was always the weirdo who actually enjoyed school.

Now, I am a month from my last day of high school classes. Pretty soon, I will be off on my own, and sure that can be exciting, but it is definitely  scary

I am a very family-oriented person, so leaving my parents and my younger brother will be tough, but that’s life.

Life continues to move even if you aren’t ready for change.

It’s making the most of each day that counts.

All I can say is one more month is definitely going to go fast, so I need to make the most of it.